Ancient Esoteric Wisdom

At the Root

"You can never understand the tremendous peace that is always there within you that is your natural state. Your trying to create a peaceful state of mind is in fact creating disturbance within you. You can only talk of peace, create a state of mind and say to yourself that you are very peaceful, but that is not peace, that is violence.

There is no use in practicing peace or reason to cultivate silence. Real silence is explosive. It is not the dead state of mind that spiritual seekers think. That doesn't mean anything at all. This is volcanic in its nature. It's bubbling all the time -- the energy, the life -- that is its quality."

~ U.G. Krishnamurti ('The Natural State')

The adrenaline system functioned in early man on an instinct level, so that when he was attacked by an enemy or his life was being threatened by wild animals, he had this speedy secretion of adrenaline hormone to give him the necessary strength to fight or flee. In modern society, such threats are a remnant of the past. However, man is so attached to the symbols of his status within the society, that any threat to his position can set the adrenaline pumping into his blood stream for weeks and months at a time.

Nature does not hurry,
yet everything is accomplished.

~ Lao Tzu ~

If someone neglected their business to wander about aimlessly, people would say she is crazy. Yet those who completely ignore the inevitability of death and obsessively seek wealth and prestige are called sane! People who pathologically hoard so much cash that they impoverish the entire nation are put on the cover of Fortune magazine and made into role models. It is Greed (not money) hand-in-hand with ignorance which makes life so complicated. It is not easy when almost everybody around you is living a greedy, speedy, complicated life. You need great wisdom and a strong mind not to follow them. Before you know it you are anxiously thinking of what to do to prove that you are not a failure!

The wise man knows that it is better to sit on the banks of a remote mountain stream than to be emperor of the whole world.

~ Chuang Tzu ~

Man, in his anxiety to maintain his non-existing and illusory identity, has been using thought to translate sensory perception. Everything you experience or can experience is thought-based. The self-absorption in thought creates a self-centeredness -- that is all that is there. Thought is an interloper which thrusts itself into the affairs of the senses. It has a profit motive. Thought directs the activity of the senses to get something out of them and uses them to give continuity to itself. When all such notions cease, there is great peace and existential suffering is transcended at its very root.

You do not grow by acquiring something; Nor wither away by losing it. You remain what you always are. ~ Ramana Maharshi

Food, clothing and shelter -- these are the basic needs. Beyond that if you think you need anything more, you begin a journey of self-deception. Socially sanctioned neurosis. To deny yourself the basic needs is not a sign of spirituality. But to require more than food, clothing and shelter is a neurotic state of mind. We de-sensitize ourselves with money, food, sex, and whatever else so we do not have to feel. Feel what? That we are vulnerable and are going to die. We do not want to feel this reality. It is too scary -- all our lives we are constantly doing things to immunize ourselves from this awareness and this pain.

The insecurity of our persona, the hell of our fears, the pain of our wounds, the confusion of our minds, the insatiability of our appetites, the greed of our egos, our emptiness and longing all are rooted in ignorance of our true nature. We are slaves to our desires. Seeking union outside ourselves we long for another who will love us enough to heal the wounds of our insecurity, shame and self-hatred. We yearn for a relationship that will be a balm to the emptiness of our lives. We distract ourselves from our emptiness and self-hatred, our longing and insecurity, with money, food and sex or whatever -- all in a myriad of endless desires.

The mind is tricky. The mind wants change, something different. It craves for entertainment, stimulation. Boredom is a great problem. That's what most people are doing -- running after stimulation in one form or another.

Seeking something, desiring for something, is the basic dis-ease of the mind. Not seeking, or non-binding desiring is the basic health of our being. The demand to bring about change in ourselves is the root cause of suffering. Whether spiritual or material it does not matter. We want to become something other then what we are. That creates a neurotic situation. We maintain this neurosis in order to function in today's society. Spending our lives Becoming happy, rather than Being happy.

What is this longing in me that no relationship can satisfy. That no tears relieve. That is not changed by many and beautiful dreams and adventures?

Awakening is an inherent biological urge. This process of awakening is inherent in the psycho-biological structures of every human being. Your natural state means awakening from ignorance and coming into whole-body relationship with the world that is not separate from you. The natural state of not "knowing" which is prior to mind-based "points of view." Prior to notions, concepts, or ideas about yourself and others. Prior to "self" -identification with positive or negative "states" of experience. Life's own energy, freed from thought. Freed from the mind-based, separating action of contraction.

Your Natural State Is Inherently Peaceful

Whatever you do in the pursuit of truth, happiness and reality takes you away from your own very natural state which is always already there. It's not something you can acquire, attain, or accomplish as a result of your effort. All that you do makes it impossible for what is already there to express itself. That is why I call this your natural state. You are always in that state. What prevents what is there from expressing itself in its own way is the search. The search is always in the wrong direction.

Would you rather be happy because of something,
or because of nothing?

The search only succeeds in destroying the sensitivity and intelligence of the nervous system. Wanting what does not exist -- the romantic, religious, spiritual stuff -- the illusion of ultimate fulfillment, only adds momentum to that false continuity, which destroys the body. It is radically disturbing the chemical balance of the body.

The body is not interested in psychological or spiritual matters. Highly praised spiritual experiences are of no value to the organism. In fact, they are painful to the body. Love, compassion, understanding, bliss -- all these things which religion and psychology have placed before man are only adding to the strain of the body. All cultures, whether of the Orient or of the Occidental, have created this lopsided situation for mankind and turned man into a neurotic individual.

Life is a Mystery Not Knowing is Your Natural State

You will never know what life is. Nobody can say anything about life. Life is a mystery. You can give definitions but those definitions have no meaning. You can theorize about life but that is a thing which is not of any value to you. It cannot help you to understand anything. When the question burns itself out what is there is energy. You can't say anything about that energy. It is already manifesting itself, expressing itself in a boundless way. It has no limitations, no boundaries. It is not within or without. It is not yours, not mine. It belongs to everybody. You are part of that. You are an expression of that. Just as the flower is an expression of life, you are another expression of life.

True Happiness is Nameless

All spiritual, mystical experiences, are born of thought. They are thought-induced, states, nothing more. All notions and attachments to Love, Happiness, and Bliss, only block the natural energy of existence. You have to accept the absurdity of depending on anything for Happiness. Experiential Happiness comes and goes. You can't be anything other then what you are at any given moment. To be yourself is easy. You don't have to do anything to be yourself. But to become something other then what you are you have to do a lot of things that are unnatural and stressful. A Happy person is not interested in Happiness. A well fed man is not in search of food. To be what you Are is fulfilling. The understanding that there is nothing to understand..
There is nowhere to go and nothing to do but to be what you Are, is all there is. Be yourself and thereafter, whatever potential there is within you will flower naturally.

Seeking is Mind Made and Mind is a Myth

There is no such thing as God. It is the mind that out of fear has created the "idea" of God. Fear is passed on from generation to generation. What is there is fear, not God. If you are lucky enough to be free from fear then there is no need for a God idea. There is no ultimate reality, no God, nothing. Fear itself is the problem, not God. Wanting to be free from fear is itself fear. You see, we love fear. The ending of fear is death and we don't want that to happen. I am not talking about the bodies natural instincts, they are necessary for survival. The death of fear is the only death.

Love Itself is the Actual Form of God

When you actually do see and perceive for the first time that there is no God to realize, no psyche to purify, no soul to liberate, it will come as a tremendous shock to that thought instrument. You have invested everything in that -- the soul, mind, psyche, whatever you wish to call it -- and suddenly it is exploded as a myth. It is difficult to look at your actual situation. One look does the trick.

The very instrument that you are using to free yourself from the thing called "mind" is the mind. Mind is nothing other than what you are doing to free yourself from the mind. When it dawns on you by chance or miracle that the instrument you are using to understand everything is not the instrument, and that there is no other instrument and there is nothing to understand, it hits you like a bolt of lightening. What is left is the tremendous living organism with an intelligence of its own. What you are left with is the pulse, the beat and the throb of life.

You Will Never Transcend Mind With Mind

Examine your pattern of seeking and you will notice how it does not work. Notice that if you are not with objects, relations or states that you find pleasurable you begin to feel un-Happy, Dis-eased, Dis-oriented, and driven and so, you begin to Seek. You try and find some other relation, some other object, some other state, some other possibility. Even God, guru's or mystical experiences, ordinarily considered to be spiritual or religious, become objects of your seeking.

Desire is part of the mind. Eventually you will seek Freedom. The final desire. Because it is the last desire it becomes very intense. All the energies that were involved in desires for status, power and fame, money, food & sex, or spiritual experiences, become concentrated on this one single desire. The desire for Freedom. When the mind no longer seeks this final object of Attention, it becomes permanently fulfilled. All effort comes to an end. All movement in the direction of getting something comes to an end. All wanting, be it this wanting, or that wanting, becomes totally absent. There is no hunger. As long as you are operating in the field of what is called the 'pair of opposites' -- good and bad, likes and dislikes; you will always be choosy in every situation. You cannot help doing that. That is the dilemma and you can't will it to change. So how to change?

Weak desires can be removed by introspection and meditation,
but strong, deep-rooted ones must be fulfilled and their fruits,
sweet or bitter, tasted. ~ Nisargadatta

It does not matter what the object of that search is -- God, a beautiful man or woman, whatsoever -- it is all the same search and that hunger will never be satisfied. I guarantee you that as long as you are searching for happiness you will remain unhappy. The search itself is the cause of the unhappiness. That hunger must burn itself out completely without knowing satisfaction. The thirst you have must burn itself out without being quenched. The search gives way to something else when it dawns on you that this is not the way and it is finished.

Once the body organism has freed itself from the strangle-hold of thought, anything you do to try to bring about peace and harmony there only creates disharmony and violence. It is like using war to create peace in a peaceful world. When the search comes to an end it comes to an end with a big bang, as it were. Then peace is not something that can be practiced or taught.

Life has no meaning. Rejoice! It has no meaning.
Dance, sing, enjoy! It has no meaning. You need not be serious. It is a cosmic joke! What is there to get? But the achieving mind is always trying to get something, even out of a joke! ~ Osho

What is the purpose of life? Does life have any purpose or meaning? You are either satisfied or not. A hungry man will do anything and everything to satisfy his hunger and eventually he will discover that there is nothing he can do to satisfy it. The hope must go that some miracle will happen and that it will descend upon you from somewhere. 'Hope' is masked fear seeking to assure itself. The illusion of ultimate fulfillment. If there is nothing you can 'do' to satisfy your hunger, something will happen. All those to whom this kind of thing has happened have really worked hard, touched rock bottom, staked everything. It is simple, but it does not come easy. It is not handed over to you on a silver platter. You have to become completely disillusioned. You have to give up all hope.

Surrender and Transcend the Ego with Love

Giving up hope does not mean hopelessness. The more willing you are to embrace what makes you most uncomfortable, the closer you come to this edge -- where you feel most raw -- least in control -- most vulnerable. If you embrace yourself at this edge and rest at this point, everything will begin to shift. The problem comes from the fact that you are interested in experiencing Bliss. There is no such thing as an experience here. Imagination (hope) must come to an end. The absence of imagination, the absence of will, the absence of all efforts, the absence of all movement in any direction, on any level, in any dimension, that is the thing. That is the thing that cannot be experienced at all -- it is not an experience, it is effortless. You can not make or will it into happening.

You think that there is somebody, some "you" who is thinking your thoughts. Somebody who is feeling your feelings. That is the illusion. That is the crux of the whole problem. The one that is looking at what you call the self -- is the self. It is creating an illusory division of itself into subject and object. As long as you want to understand yourself, or to change yourself into something spiritual, into something holy, beautiful or marvelous, you will continue to seek and suffer. What you are seeking does not exist. You think that there is something more interesting then what you are doing. If that thinking dissolves then everything that you are doing becomes very interesting.

You Can Only Be What You Are Moment To Moment

True Happiness is prior to pleasure and need. Prior to "experience". Happiness cannot have a cause. Only Un-happiness can have a cause. Un-happiness always has a cause and that cause is always an "object". Desiring and fearing are two of the main ways that consciousness maintains its self-contraction as an apparent separate entity. As consciousness sees clearly that the entire spectrum of this projection takes place within itself, it no longer separates it into "me" and "other". It sees all things "clearly" in and as itself. The mind does not find understanding, it dies in it. The thought that seeks Reality comes to its own limit and plunges into Reality. It dies in that which it was seeking and its dissolution is the revelation of that ever present Reality. The end of the desire is the end of the agitation. The agitation called "seeking" which veils the inherent Happiness. That what you Are, prior to experience" -- That which never changes.

Thoughts are just thoughts; they are neither good or bad. Words, ideas and knowledge, on this website, or from books, teachers or teachings are not an answer. They may be pointers. They may raise questions. But they are certainly no answer. They are a means of Knowledge. My life journey is the same as yours, a mystery. Ordinary, unfolding & un-Known. A Divine Comedy.

When listening to intellectually consoling "talking school" gurus, or when reading their books, there is the ever-present danger of over-estimating true realization. Western students in particular, who tend to be impatient, easily fall prey to this form of self-delusion. They become convinced that they have attained realization when in truth their attainment is entirely mental. If books and gurus could truly change people, this world would quickly become a paradise.

"Words are, of course,
the most powerful drug used by mankind."

~ Rudyard Kipling ~

In reality, the whole of your body is reflecting everything exactly as it is, "out there". A state of wonder. Not separate. No "point of view". No "other". You have to go through whatever consideration it takes to find Freedom from the shackles of consolation and conformity to any idea, practice, book, belief, experience; Guru "I"-Doll, Relationship, or whatever. All appears as transitory, illusory awareness. Simply recognize what you Are, the Self beyond words. The Bliss with no cause. The mystery that IS Love for Real. No dilemma, nothing missing, you are That. Not this, that, here or there, later, then, NOW or "other." There is only the Self to be realized -- the Self prior to all mind-based conditions.

There is nothing you can DO to Become Happy. You can only BE Happy. Your natural living organism is inherently Happy. There is nothing to do, change, or transform and there is no next life, this life is all there is. This life is enough. Objective identification with Happiness through person, place or thing, experience, word or knowledge, is divisive illusory bullshit that only leads to suffering. You are what you Are, in this very moment. By entering into profound communication with Reality of your life as it is, you are Free to BE what you always Already Are -- Happy!

When the Body-mind no longer tries to connect
the sense organs with their respective "objects" of Attention,
it becomes permanently fulfilled.

The only answer to this human problem, if there is any answer, is not to be found through new ideas, books, new concepts or new ideologies but through bringing about a shift in the mind-based, stress chemistry patterning of the human body. Rolfing Structural Integration & Craniosacral Biodynamics is a direct means of transcending stress related patterning -- at the root. By aligning your mind with your body and recognizing your prior to mind, whole-body, always Already, inherent "state" of natural equanimity.

When your body is peaceful it is easy to appreciate your Self Nature. Free from the crippling sense of limitation imposed upon it by a mind conditioned to believe in incompleteness -- dependent on object or experience for its fulfillment. An individual in whom this non-dual vision is established is untouched by existential suffering as he or she looks out through an ever changing body at an ever changing world -- with the unshakable conviction -- that one is formless and pure like the Sky. A wave that has realized it is not separate from the ocean.

"The bad news is you're falling through the air, nothing to hang on to, no parachute. The good news is there's no ground."

~Trungpa Rinpoche




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